multi-instrumentalist / producer / sound engineer


“ I bought my first drum set at the age of 13, a few years later my passion for playing other instruments such as piano and flute grew strongly. by the age of 20 i found myself playing bass and synths for numerous bands including my own. fine-tuning the borders between rhythm and harmony. 

One year later I attended the ”Internal Compass Music Institute" located in Israel, which works in partnership with worldwide academies including “Jerusalem Academy Of Music” , “University Of Nebraska” , "Berklee Global Jazz Institute" and many others. There i studied music theory, harmony, and ear training with a classical orientation, as well as improvisation, composition, and performance around the jazz genre. 

Eventually an interest in music production, sound engineering and mixing has surfaced and stood strong to this day. Originating with home-studio recordings and demos, my passion in this field constantly escalated and I started working in a recording studio in Tel Aviv. I have recorded, produced or mixed music for several artists as well as my latest band “Cozzette”.  


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I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. So much of what gets in the way of things being good is thinking that we know. And the more that we can remove any baggage we're carrying with us, and just be in the moment, use our ears, and pay attention to what's happening, and just listen to the inner voice that directs us, the better.” - Rick Ruben

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